Peter Joshua Sculthorpe


Peter Joshua Sculthorpe AO OBE (29 April 1929 – 8 August 2014) was an Australian composer. Much of his music resulted from an interest in the music of Australia's neighbours as well as from the impulse to bring together aspects ...


The Stars Turn
Wirripang 1970
Morphett, et al.
Quamby for Orchestra
Faber Music Ltd. 2003
A Little Love Song
Faber Music Ltd. 1999
Advance Australia Fair (For Orchestra)
Faber Music Ltd.
McCormick, et al.


The World is Sound
BBC Music Magazine (1999) Vol. 7, No. 11, pp. 56-57, 59-60, 65, 67-69



Title Year Opus
Quamby 2003
A Little Love Song 1999
Advance Australia Fair 0000
After Night 2010