Oh, tell me you love me
New York Music Pub. Co. (xxu) 1883
Our country's flag forever
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1861
Heine, et al.
Homeward bound!
Oliver Ditson (mau) 1857
Death of Nina
Oliver Ditson (mau) 1856
Collier, et al.
Never give up
Oliver Ditson (mau) 1856
Tupper, et al.
The deserted wreck
C. Bradlee (mau) 1836
Power, et al.
Star of the East, a sacred trio
C. Bradlee (mau) 1831
The Polish soldier's adieu
C. Bradlee (mau) 1831
When from the sacred garden driven, cantata
C. Bradlee (mau) 1832
Sprague, et al.
There is a world where every night serenade
C. Bradlee (mau) 1831
Clifford, et al.
Italian quick step
C. Bradlee (mau) 1831
Oh tell me you love me
Carl Fischer (New York) [1883]
Niles, et al.