Up and away!
Prufer, Carl (mau) 1877
Abend zu hause, Ein
White, Smith & Co. (mau) 1879
Skating song
Schmidt, Arthur P. (xxu) 1884
Lullaby (2 soprano songs)
White & Goullaud (mau) 1872
Der mutter erzh̃lung - The Mother's story
White, Smith & Co. (mau) 1879
Head and hands; Fundamental technique for the pianoforte
Schmidt, Arthur P. (xxu) 1884
Pomegranate blossom
Ditson, Oliver (xxu) 1883
Impromptu (Pianoforte recreations)
Russell & Co., G. D. (mau) 1871
In the boat
Russell & Co., G. D. (mau) 1873
Sanfte Ruhe
White, Smith & Perry (mau) 1870
Little bud dandelion
Russell & Co., G. D. (mau) 1872
White, Smith & Co. (mau) 1878