Johann Stamitz


Jan Václav Antonín Stamic (later, during his life in Mannheim, Germanized as Johann Wenzel Anton Stamitz; 18 June 1717, Deutschbrod, Bohemia – 27 March 1757, Mannheim, Electorate of the Palatinate) was a Czech composer and violinist. His two surviving sons, ...


Concerto in D for Trumpet
Novello & Company
Boustead, et al.
Symphony No. 2
Harvard University Press 1759
Sinfonia XLI
printed and sold by R. Bremner, at the Harp and Hautboy, opposite Somerset-House in the Strand (London) [entre 1773 y 1775]


Title Year Opus
Sinfonia Pastorale Op. 4/2
Concerto in D for Trumpet 0000
Violin Concerto 0000
Symphony No. 2 1759 Op. 5