Richard Lawrence Cohn



Teaching Atonal and Beat-Class Theory, Modulo Small
MusMat (2016) Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 15-24

The paper advances a pedagogical program that models small cyclic systems before teaching the twelve-element chromatic system of atonal theory. The central properties, relations and protocols of atonal theory (complementation, inclusion, invariance, transpositional equivalence, set classification and labeling, maximal evenness) ...

A Tetrahedral Graph of Tetrachordal Voice-Leading Space
Music Theory Online (2003) Vol. 9, pp. np

A tetrahedral graph models voice leading among the 29 T/I-type tetrachord classes. Transpositional combination plays a crucial role in the structure of the tetrahedron. A dipyramid, fusing two tetrahedra, models similar relations among the 43 T-type |4|-classes. The two graphs ...

Music Theory's New Pedagogability
Music Theory Online (1998) Vol. 4, pp. np

My paper is about pedagogy. At first I take a relatively traditional view of the term: I will be addressing how we teach our students. Later I shall view pedagogy in broader terms, by discussing how we teach ourselves, each ...