Rethinking Postwar History: Munichs Musica Viva during the Karl Amadeus Hartmann Years (1945-63)
The Musical Quarterly (2007) Vol. 90, No. 2, pp. 230-274

Munich's post-World-War-II concert series Musica Viva was a contemporary music series founded by the composer Karl Amadeus Hartmann in 1945. The series was initiated under the auspices of the American occupation government and was to embody the ostensible goals of ...

The Problematic Nature of Hindemith's 'Das Unaufhörliche': A Critical Response
Tempo (2007) Vol. 61, pp. 40-50

The year 1930 marked the end of a brief artistic collaboration between the composer Paul Hindemith and the playwright Bertolt Brecht. This collaboration, which began in 1929, brought forth the 1929 Lehrstück and Der Lindberghflug, the latter also involving the ...