The Golden dream
Whitney, C. J. (xxu) 1884
Under the rose
Church, John (ohu) 1878
Celia waltz
Conover Bros. (mou) 1874
The Two villages
Whitney, W. W. (ohu) 1873
Meet me by the running brook
Ditson & Co., Oliver (xxu) 1883
The Indian mother's lullaby
Brainard's Sons, S. (xxu) 1883
Our dream by the river
Whitney, W. W. (ohu) 1881
There's a light on the dark river
Perry & Co., John F. (mau) 1878
You've kilt me intirely
Whitney, W. W. (ohu) 1880
Moonlight hours
Ditson, Oliver (xxu) 1883
Nowhere to go
Whitney, W. W. (ohu) 1876
Tender and true
Whitney, W. W. (ohu) 1874