I Can Hardly Wait to See What I am Going to Do Today: Lesson Planning Perspectives of Experienced Band Teachers
Contributions to Music Education (2017) Vol. 42, No. 1

The purpose of this study was to investigate the lesson planning practices of three experienced band teachers at the high school level. For the purposes of this study, experienced teachers were those with 25 or more years of teaching experience. ...

Music Teacher Stress In the Era of Accountability
Arts Education Policy Review (2016) Vol. 117, No. 2, pp. 104-116

While there is an established body of literature on teacher stress and on the factors that may make music teaching uniquely stressful, there has been little or no research on how the recent era of accountability influences music teacher stress. ...

How Critical Is Critical Thinking?
Music Educators Journal (2014) Vol. 101, No. 2, pp. 65-70