Haydn and The Creation in Buda, March 1800

The performance of The Creation in the Royal Castle of Buda on 8 March 1800 under Haydn’s direction has been discussed previously in the Haydn literature. The aim of this article is to complete the picture with a couple of ...

A Portait of Nicolaus Esterházy, the “Good Prince” (1714-1790): Commemorating His 300th Birthday

Prince Nicolaus Esterházy “The Magnificent” is well-known as the creator of the “fairy-world” of Eszterháza, and as a musically competent and theatre-loving aristocrat who ensured nearly ideal circumstances for Haydn’s creative work during a period of almost three decades. Other ...

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The Strad (2005) Vol. 116, pp. 42-43, 45