Zur aktuellen harmonischen Sprache in Popularmusik und Jazz
Jazzforschung (2008) Vol. 40, pp. 125-133

Starting point of the investigation on hand in the author's observation that the portion of modal music in our daily radio and MTV environment is relatively high. For to verify this, the music of eleven Popular Music Charts (# 1-10 ...

Musikalische Übernahmen und Originalität bei Herbie Hancock
Jazzforschung (2006) Vol. 38, pp. 35-49

In 2002 Herbie Hancock published his DVD "Future 2 Future live," the music of which is being investigated by a hearing analysis with regard to intercultural takeovers. The result of this survey points to sound recordings, for instance from Ethiopia, ...

Herbie Hancocks Harmonik in "The Sorcerer"
Jazzforschung (2005) Vol. 37, pp. 9-80

Three selected Hancock recordings of his composition "The Sorcerer" are being compared on the basis of detailled transcriptions with regard to their harmonic. The recordings are from the years 1967, 1968 and 2001. Beside Hancock's soli there are also theme ...