Modern Laments in Northwestern Greece: Their Importance In Social And Musical Life And The “making” Of Oral Tradition
Musicologist (2017) Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 95-140

Having as a starting point a typical phrase -“all our songs once were laments”- repeated to the researcher during fieldwork, this study aims to explore the multiple ways in which lament practices become part of other musical practices in community ...

Chromaticism - a theoretical construction or a practical transformation?
Muzikologija (2011) , No. 11, pp. 159-180

Chromaticism is a phenomenon which is shared by different musical cultures. In the Balkans it is evident both in ecclesiastical and traditional music. In antiquity it was attested by ancient Greek writers and was described in theory. It is also ...

Arhaicni elementi u vokalnoj muzickoj tradiciji planinskog stanovnistva u severnoj Grckoj
Muzikologija (2005) , No. 5, pp. 207-244

In the region of Pindus (Epirus) we find, among others, hemitonic pentatonic scales in which the semitone is below a major third. Such melodic movements bear marked similarities with the description in the pseudo-Plutarch of the birth of the enharmonic ...