Black History Month

Negro spirituals, slave songs, blues, freedom chants, ragtime, scores, videos and articles.


Swipesy Cake Walk
John Stark 1900
De lord he make us free
W. Jennings Demorest (New York) 1865
Pation, et al.
Afro - American Symphony
Novello & Company 1930
When this cruel war is over
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1888
Tom, et al.
Abraham's daughter, or Raw recruits
Firth, Pond & Co. (New York) 1862
Jabón de los príncipes del Congo
s.n. ([S.l.) 1892]
Hail dat gospel tug
Hitchcock's Music Stores (New York) [1800]
The Gospel crown
Sherman, Clay & Co. (xxu) 1882
Abraham's daughter
M. Gray (San Francisco)
Lincoln, et al.


History of American Black Music


Black Experience in the Fine Arts: An African American Community Arts Movement in a University Setting
Current Research in Jazz (2014) Vol. 6

This article discusses the introduction of elements of black community arts into a classroom setting at the University of California, Riverside in 1972. Led by Horace Tapscott and including members of the Union of God’s Musicians and Artists Ascension (UGMAA) ...

La musicologia afro-americana e il documento sonoro. Aspetti fondativi e disciplinari
Musica/Tecnologia (2008) , pp. 83-90

Afro-American musicology and the sound document. Disciplinary and foundation aspects After an introduction about the production of sound documents, both written and recorded, within Afro-American music, the author considers the importance of the subject of jazz documentation in terms of ...

A Cross-Cultural Grammar for Temporal Harmony in Afro-Latin Musics: Clave, Partido-Alto and Other Timelines
Current Musicology (2012) , pp. 37-65

This article presents an in-depth study of the musical concept called clave direction. The significance and regulative role of clave and similar cyclical timelines in Afro-Latin music have been established by many scholars, including Ned Sublette, Tomás Cruz, H.W. Soebbing, ...