Music Library Association - MLA 2016

Music Library Association’s 85th Annual Meeting
Cincinnati, Queen of the West
March 2nd- March 5th, 2016.


Sound Quality 2: Digital Boogaloo
Andrew Justice (University of North Texas) In this sequel to a presentation given at the ...
Just Because You Build It, Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come (Though They Did Come to Fund the Fine Arts Library Recording Studio)
David Hunter, University of Texas, Austin Natalie Moore, Development Specialist, University of Texas, Austin
The future of our CD collections: Evaluation of a new acquisition model
Houman Behzadi, University of Toronto Kyra Folk-Farber, University of California, Santa Barbara
Public Services Town Hall
Tom Bickley, California State University, East Bay Andi Beckendorf, Luther College Laurie Sampsel, University of ...
Plenary 2: Practical Application of Linked Data
Steven Folsom, Cornell University Karen Hwang, Linked Jazz Project James Soe Nyun, University of California, ...
Music Discovery Requirements in Action
Nara Newcomer, University of Missouri, Kansas City Jessica Harvey, University of South Carolina Nancy Lorimer, ...
Bridging Emerging and Established Approaches to Music Research
David Hunter, University of Texas, Austin Timothy Duguid, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Texas A&M University Bonna ...
Safeguarding the Past of the Future: Digital Preservation Issues and Practices
Susan Malsbury, New York Public Library Jonathan Manton, Yale University Maristella Feustle, University of North ...
Tell Me Something Good: Oral History Best Practices for Music Librarians
Anne Rhodes, Yale University Andy Leach, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives ...
Cataloging and Metadata Town Hall
Beth Iseminger, Harvard University Kathy Glennan, University of Maryland Linda Blair, Eastman School of Music
Plenary 1: Diversity in MLA
Jorge Schement, Vice President of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, Rutgers University Mark Puente, Association of ...