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Title ISSN Country Follow OA
Chelys: The Journal of the Viola Da Gamba Society 0952-8407
Chigiana 0069-3391
Chinese Music 0192-3749
Choir & Organ
Choral Director
Choral Journal 0009-5028
CITAR: Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts 1646-9798 Portugal
Classical Guitar 0950-429X
Classical Music 0961-2696
Classical Music Magazine
Classical Piano
Classical Pulse
Classic CD 0959-7204
Clave: Revista Cubana de Música 0864-1404
Clavier 0009-854X
Clavier Companion 2152-4491
CMJ New Music Monthly 1074-6978
Coda Magazine: The Journal of Jazz and Improvised Music 0820-926X
College Music Symposium 0069-5696
Computer Music Journal 0148-9267 United States of America
Computers in Music Research 1046-1744 United States of America
Computing in Musicology: An International Directory of Applications 1057-9478
Concerto: das Magazin für Alte Musik 0177-5944
Contemporary Music Review 0749-4467
Context 1038-4006
Continuum 1030-4312
Contributions to Music Education 0190-4922 United States of America
Country Dance + Song Online
Country Dance & Song Society News
Country Music 0090-4007
Country Music International 1352-8009
Crescendo: Das Magazin für klassische Musik & Lebensart
Crescendo & Jazz Music
Critical Musicology: A Transdisciplinary Online Journal 1468-6066 United Kingdom
Critical Studies in Improvisation 1712-0624 Canada
Cuadernos de Música, Artes Visuales y Artes Escénicas 1794-6670
Current Biography 0011-3344
Current Musicology 0011-3735 United States of America
Current Research in Jazz 1944-4877
Czech Music 1211-0264
Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music
Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture 1947-5403 Australia
Danish Musicology Online 1904-237X Denmark
Danish Yearbook of Musicology 1604-9896 Denmark
Dansk Musik Tidsskrift 0106-5629
Das Orchester: Zeitschrift für Orchesterkultur und Rundfunk-Chorwesen 0030-4468
Der Kirchenmusiker: Zeitschrift des Verbandes evangelischer Kirchenmusikerinnen und Kirchenmusiker in Deutschland
Dialogue in Instrumental Music Education 0147-7544 United States of America
Diapason: le magazine du disque et de la musique vivante 0765-5983
Die Musikforschung 0027-4801
Dirty Linen 1047-4315
DISSONANCE: Dissonanz 1422-7371
Divergence Press 2052-3467
DJ Times 1045-9693
Double Bassist 1362-0835
Down Beat: Jazz, Blues & Beyond
Dulcimer Players News: The Journal for Hammered and Fretted Dulcimer Enthusiasts 0098-3527
Dutch Journal of Music Theory 1385-3066 Netherlands
Early Keyboard Journal 0899-8132
Early Music 0306-1078 United Kingdom
Early Music America 1083-3633
Early Music History 0261-1279 United Kingdom
Early Music Today 1352-0059
Echo: A Music Centered Journal 1535-1807
Eighteenth-Century Music 1478-5706
Eighteenth-Century Studies 0013-2586
Electroacoustic Music Studies
Electronic Musician 0884-4720
Elliott Carter Studies Online United States of America
El Oído Pensante 2250-7116
Empirical Musicology Review United Kingdom
Encore Gospel Entertainment Magazine
Engaging Students: Essays in Music Pedagogy United States of America
English Dance & Song
English Folk Dance Society, Journal
EQ 1050-7868
Ethnomusicology 0014-1836 United States of America
Ethnomusicology Forum 1741-1912 United Kingdom
Ethnomusicology Online (EOL) 1092-7336 United States of America
Ethnomusicology Review 2164-4578 United States of America
Etnomusikologian vuosikirja 0783-6821 Finland
EURASIP: Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing 1687-4722
Experimental Musical Instruments 0883-0754
Fanfare: The Magazine for Serious Record Collectors 0148-9364 United States of America
Film History 0892-2160
Film Score Monthly 1077-4289
Finnish Journal of Music Education 1239-3908 Finland
Finnish Music Quarterly 0782-1069
Fi: The Magazine of Music & Sound
Flute Talk 0744-6918
Flutist Quarterly: The Official Magazine of the National Flute Association 8756-8667
Folk Harp Journal 0094-8934
Folk Music Journal 0531-9684 United Kingdom
Folk-Song Society, Journal
Fontes Artis Musicae 0015-6191
Forum Musikbibliothek 0173-5187 Germany
FRONT of HOUSE 1549-831X
FRoots 1748-6882
GAMUT: Online Journal of the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic 1938-6990