Word and Music Studies

Milan Kundera's Polyphonic Novels and the Poetics of Divestment
Word and Music Studies (2011) Vol. 12, pp. 279-289

The Franco-Czech novelist Milan Kundera situates his work in relation to the generation of Mann, Broch, and Musil, each of whom, according to Kundera's reading, failed in the attempt to integrate music as a structuring principle in their novels. This ...

Seeing Words and Music as a Painter Might: The Interart Aesthetic
Word and Music Studies (2011) Vol. 12, pp. 265-277

Both word and music studies and word and image studies have tended to concentrate on the specific interactions between the two arts that they work on. However, rather than focusing on the peculiar character of words, music, and visual art, ...

Wittgenstein and Schoenberg on Performativity of Music as Method for Philosophy
Word and Music Studies (2011) Vol. 12, pp. 243-261

This paper focuses on performativity as a "therapy" for philosophical thinking as it is developed in Ludwig Wittgenstein's later writings. Wittgenstein develops this "therapy" by distrusting any method at all. I compare his attacks on philosophical systems with critical remarks ...

Charles Mingus and Performative Composing
Word and Music Studies (2011) Vol. 12, pp. 229-242

In European and Anglo-American culture, musical composition is closely linked to the use of musical notation. Over centuries, musical notation has been regarded as the most efficient way of fixing and transmitting musical ideas. In the mid-1950s, however, African-American jazz ...

Jazz Novels and the Textualization of Musical Performance
Word and Music Studies (2011) Vol. 12, pp. 211-227

This paper examines the role of performance in jazz novels-- novels that not only deal with jazz on the level of content, but use it as a structural model in their narrative construction. It considers several aspects of the performance ...

Operatic Hyperreality in the Twenty-First Century Performance Documentation in High-Definition Quality
Word and Music Studies (2011) Vol. 12, pp. 191-210

This article studies the new phenomenon of high-definition (HD) broadcasting of opera performances, which the Metropolitan Opera initiated in its 2006/07 season with enormous success. It situates this new hybrid form within the spectrum of screen opera ranging from film ...

Vocal Embodiment and Performing Language in "Waiting for the Barbarians," Philip Glass's Adaptation of J. M. Coetzee's Novel
Word and Music Studies (2011) Vol. 12, pp. 173-189

The body and voice are central to opera, yet the purely vocal aspect of opera performance, as opposed to the use of voice in its capacity for linguistic signification, has not been prominent in much scholarly work in this area. ...

Sexing Song: Brigitte Fassbaender's "Winterreise"
Word and Music Studies (2011) Vol. 12, pp. 157-171

Schubert's "Winterreise" represents its wandering hero's desire and despair in forms long regarded as prototypically masculine. The historical result has been that performances of the full cycle by women--always rare; the first public instance had to wait nearly a hundred ...

Romantic Opera and the Virtuoso
Word and Music Studies (2011) Vol. 12, pp. 143-156

The late Romantic Age saw the advent of singing-actors, whose impact upon audiences depended as much, or more, upon the virtuosity of their acting and the dramatic use of the voice than it did upon pure vocal beauty. Three singers ...

"The Invisible"/"The Inaudible": Aspects of Performativity in Celan and Leibowitz
Word and Music Studies (2011) Vol. 12, pp. 121-142

As a written poem is read aloud or performed in a musical setting, how might the transition from a visible to an audible materiality alter its meaning and its way of generating meaning? What impact does this change have on ...


The book series Word and Music Studies is the central organ of the International Association for Word and Music Studies (WMA), an association founded in 1997 to promote transdisciplinary scholarly inquiry devoted to the relations between literature/verbal texts/language and music. WMA aims to provide an international forum for musicologists, literary and cultural scholars with an interest in intermediality studies and in crossing cultural as well as disciplinary boundaries. Word and Music Studies will publish, generally on an annual basis, theme-oriented volumes, documenting and critically assessing the scope, theory, methodology, and the disciplinary and institutional dimensions and prospects of the field on an international scale: conference proceedings, collections of scholarly essays, and, occasionally, monographs on pertinent individual topics.

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