Women & Music

A Journal of Gender and Culture

National Mothers: Singing a Queer Family Romance for the New South Africa
Women & Music (2015) Vol. 19, pp. 77-85

In this article I consider ways that female singers have navigated and reworked motherhood in relation to the South African nation. Even as the profound queerness of the New South Africa produces alternatives to the conventional gendering of citizenship, the ...

Down with Disembodiment; or, Musicology and the Material Turn
Women & Music (2015) Vol. 19, pp. 160-168

Our essay seeks to contribute to the recalibration of realism and constructivism in humanistic inquiry by critiquing both deconstructive and mechanistic conceptions of the body, outlining holistic variants of realism found in the work of Francisco Varela and Terrence Deacon, ...

Loud but Non-lethal: Acoustic Stagings and State - Sponsored Violence
Women & Music (2015) Vol. 19, pp. 151-159

In this essay, I will discuss the ways in which loud, non-lethal sound was deployed in two recent episodes of state-sponsored violence, with a focus on the settings and stagings that the performance of acoustic violence activated when directed against ...

Echo's Echo: Subjectivity in Vibrational Ontology
Women & Music (2015) Vol. 19, pp. 142-150

In the essay marking the beginning of Cusick's publications on the topic, she hazards a risky research program: I want to think much more about the eerie resonances between the aesthetics implied by theorists of "no-touch torture" and the aesthetics ...