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The main objective of VerdiPerspektiven is to provide an intellectual platform for international scholars. VerdiPerspektiven aims to publish high-quality essays on Giuseppe Verdi’s life and works (music, dramaturgy, biography, philological and analytical questions), on the social, political and cultural context of 19th-century European opera as well as studies concerning musical dissemination. The journal is a peer-reviewed, annual publication under the editorship of Anselm Gerhard. In addition to several main articles, each issue includes a reviews section of the main new publications concerning Verdi and the musical theatre of his time and a section with commented primary sources (including unpublished archival documents or rare 19th-century printed sources). The journal is published once a year by Königshaus & Neumann Verlag. Publication languages are English, French, German and Italian.

Publisher Königshaus & Neumann Verlag
Country Switzerland
ISSN (Print) 2366-746X
Year started 2016
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