Peter Dickinson at 80
Tempo (2015) Vol. 69, No. 272, pp. 53-59


Pierre Boulez at 90
Tempo (2015) Vol. 69, No. 272, pp. 51-52


Tempo (2015) Vol. 69, No. 272, pp. 103-105


First Performances: Pierre-Laurent Aimard with the London Philharmonic Orchestra - Harrison Birtwistle: "Responses: Sweet disorder and the carefully careless," for piano and orchestra, Royal Festival Hall, London
Tempo (2015) Vol. 69, No. 272, pp. 61-62

2014, Sir Harrison Birtwistle's 80th birthday year, witnessed a plethora of events celebrating his music, from the Barbican's 'Birtwistle at 80' series to the 'In Broken Images' concerts at the Southbank Centre. Included in the latter was the UK premiere ...


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