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Svensk Tidskrift för Musikforskning (2001) Vol. 4, pp. np

The terminology of brass instruments is complicated and often confusing. The Swedish terminology of Swedish brass instruments has developed through borrowed terms from other languages. From 19th-century source materials and H. Heyde's "Das Ventilblasinstrument" (1983) the article argues that the ...

Joachim Eggert: Authenticating the Premiere Performance of His E-Flat Symphony
Svensk Tidskrift för Musikforskning (2001) Vol. 4, pp. np

Ludwig van Beethoven is generally acknowledged as the first composer to have employed trombones in a concert symphony with his Fifth Symphony in C Minor, which was premiered on 22 December 1808 in Vienna's Theater an der Wien. Nevertheless, a ...

Kognitiva strukturer i Olof Åhlströms sonater: Nutida teorier för analys av satstekniska konventioner i komposition av wienklassisk musik
Svensk Tidskrift för Musikforskning (2001) Vol. 4, pp. np

In this paper it is assumed that the 16 piano and piano/violin sonatas by the Swedish composer Olof Åhlström (1756-1835) have been composed by replicating existing music, following standardized patterns. Three recent theories are combined into a model for the ...


STM–SJM publishes articles in various fields of music research (music theory, music analysis, aesthetics of music, history of music, artistic research, music education, ethnomusicology, sociology of music, etc.) but aims especially to present research concerned with music in Sweden and the other Nordic countries (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland). We encourage music scholars around the world whose research is related to music in one or more of these countries to submit articles to the journal.

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