South African Music Studies

Report: Looking back, looking ahead: The state of our discipline
South African Music Studies (2012) Vol. 32, pp. 135-140

The most pressing questions facing music research in the 'new' South Africa - its health, and the roles it might play in the creation of a post-racial democracy - were the focus of a lively panel at a recent SASRIM ...

Exiles/inxiles: Differing axes of South African jazz during late apartheid
South African Music Studies (2012) Vol. 32, pp. 91-112

The late apartheid era in South Africa yielded two axes of local jazz. The first, pertaining to a teleological trajectory (from late apartheid to the beginnings of democracy), describes an evolving aesthetic which moves from protest to celebration. The second ...

Practice-based research in music: International perspectives, South African challenges
South African Music Studies (2012) Vol. 32, pp. 77-90

This article examines practice-based research and its application in doctoral studies in music. The research reported on here is of particular importance in the context of tertiary studies in music in South African academe. While several South African universities currently ...

Bodysuits and biodomes: The construction of the sonochronotopia on Johannesburg's South Korean ethnoscape
South African Music Studies (2012) Vol. 32, pp. 59-76

The aestheticization of space through sound as a mode of negotiating disjuncture is an under-researched phenomenon. In this paper I will discuss such processes as a means through which certain members of Johannesburg's Korean expatriate community anaesthetize themselves in response ...

Vuvuzelas, pop stars and back-up dancers: The politics of rhythm and noise at the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa
South African Music Studies (2012) Vol. 32, pp. 37-58

When South Africa hosted the Soccer World Cup in 2010, the sound of the vuvuzela dominated proceedings. In this article I consider the vuvuzela as both a symbol and a disruption of existing neoimperial assumptions about sound, race, gender, and ...

Stylistic traits in South African jazz - Barney Rachabane: A case study
South African Music Studies (2012) Vol. 32, pp. 21-36

This research views the construction of melodic improvised playing as an extended chain of causal events, which in themselves are interdependent on one another. The author is of the opinion that all improvising soloists strive to speak with their own ...

Dominant culture, Afrikaner nationalism and Cromwell Everson's "Klutaimnestra"
South African Music Studies (2012) Vol. 32, pp. 1-20

In November 1967, a four act opera, "Klutaimnestra," by the South African composer Cromwell Everson (1925-1991) was premiered in Worcester, a rural Western Cape town situated northeast of Cape Town. "Klutaimnestra," the first full-length staged Afrikaans opera in South Africa, ...


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