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Peter Klatzow's Works for Solo Piano

Throughout Peter Klatzow's career piano pieces have not only heralded important changes in his compositional style; they have also often consolidated the advances that lead up to particular points in his creative output. This article traces the composer's development through ...

Peter Klatzow: Perspectives on Context and Identity

This article explores, through Peter Klatzow's work, issues surrounding identity that are central to the work of a creative artist in post-colonial, post-apartheid, South Africa. A brief overview of Klatzow's international activities is followed by an attempt to locate his ...

Peter Klatzow's String Quartets

The string quartet genre has been the vehicle for some of the most sublime and profoundly beautiful chamber music penned by great composers for nearly two hundred and fifty years. This 'burden' of the great tradition of string quartet writing ...

Peter Klatzow's "Hamlet": A Drama in Music and Movement

Although the idea of translating Shakespeare's Hamlet into a ballet was met with scepticism at the time, Veronica Paeper and Peter Klatzow produced a ballet that was received with emphatic enthusiasm when it was premiered in 1992. This article traces ...

Interpreting Tonality in Three Compositions for Orchestra

Tonality is undoubtedly a thorny issue and one of the "archetypes" of our metier as composers. It is also an aspect of music that almost no composer can ignore, and certainly one that shaped the oeuvre of Peter Klatzow over ...

Peter Klatzow's Religious Choral Music

In this article Peter Klatzow's major religious compositions are discussed and set in biographical context with special reference to the composer's own personal religious "journey" and his rediscovery of Anglican liturgical worship. Included are the important liturgical works, the two ...


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