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Periodico della Societa Italiana di Musicologia

Gli esordi della Scuola di Vienna in Italia fino alla seconda guerra mondiale
Rivista Italiana di Musicologia (2013) Vol. 48, pp. 211-242

This essay discusses some linguistic issues related to the use - often ambiguous and imprecise - of the terms dodecaphony (whose use is attested in Italy since the 1910s and in contexts that are extraneous to the compositional system introduced ...

"L'aviatore Dro" di Francesco Balilla Pratella
Rivista Italiana di Musicologia (2013) Vol. 48, pp. 179-209

This essay analyzes the only futurist lyric opera of aerial subject ever written, L'aviatore Dro by Francesco Balilla Pratella, premiered, after a long gestation, on September 4th 1920 at the Teatro Rossini in Lugo di Romagna. It is a tragic ...

Del profondo e di altri oracoli. Profezie e pericoli negli ultimi scritti di Richard Wagner
Rivista Italiana di Musicologia (2013) Vol. 48, pp. 143-177

This essay retraces aspects of philosophical, political and aesthetic thought from the last years of Richard Wagner's life. The main goal is to offer an interpretation of the various facets of the core of his reasoning: the dialectic between the ...

«Ho detto male di... Verdi». Saggio di ricezione negativa
Rivista Italiana di Musicologia (2013) Vol. 48, pp. 105-141

This essay discusses aspects of Verdi's reception and fathoms the reasons of the resentful debates, biased attitudes, and specious reservations that characterized his entire life and climaxed in the years right after his death. Nationalism is not the only reason: ...

Majo, Piccinni, Sala per il "Regolo" di Jommelli (Napoli, 1761)
Rivista Italiana di Musicologia (2013) Vol. 48, pp. 69-103

This article explores the revival of Niccolò Jommelli's Attilio Regolo (Rome, 1753) staged at Teatro di San Carlo on 23rd March 1761 under the direction of Nicola Sala. It was a joint revision by Sala, Francesco De Majo and Niccolò ...

"The Judgment of Paris" (1740), pastorale di Giuseppe Sammartini
Rivista Italiana di Musicologia (2013) Vol. 48, pp. 41-67

Giuseppe Sammartini was born into a family of musicians. In 1728 he decided to emigrate from Milan, where he had started a promising career as a composer and instrumentalist, first to Brussels, where he stayed for a few months, and ...

Val più la pratica della grammatica: l'approccio mensuralistico del Liber Musices di Florentius
Rivista Italiana di Musicologia (2013) Vol. 48, pp. 9-39

The Liber Musices (I-Mt 2146), written between 1484 and 1492 by a «Florentius musicus», was commissioned by Ascanio Maria Sforza. Although its three books aim to address all aspects of the ars musica (from the theorica to thepractica musices), its ...

La scomparsa di Pieluigi Petrobelli
Rivista Italiana di Musicologia (2012) Vol. 47, No. 1-2, pp. 287-291