Revista CEFAC

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Apoio respiratório na voz cantada: perspectiva de professores de canto e fonoaudiólogos
Revista CEFAC (2010) Vol. 12, No. 4

Support and singing voice: perspective of singing teachers and speech language pathologists PURPOSE: to analyze the definition of breath support, as well as the strategies used to achieve it and their benefits according to both singing teachers and Speech Language ...


Revista CEFAC was created in 1999 by Doctors Irene Queiroz Marchesan and Jaime Luiz Zorzi, directors of CEFAC – Saude e Educação. The materialization of this old idea took place in the celebration of the CEFAC’s 15-year existence and it was just possible thanks to the tenacity and partnership of those that always believed in Speech Therapy, in producing and disclosing new knowledge. In 2016, ABRAMO (Associação Brasileira de Motricidade Orofacial) became responsible for the publishing of the CEFAC Journal. All the articles published in Revista CEFAC are on-line with open access, available in integral text and with no cost for readers. The abbreviation of its title is Rev. CEFAC that should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and in bibliographical references and legends.

Publisher ABRAMO
Country Brazil
ISSN (Online) 1982-0216
Year started 1999
Indexed 1 article
Licence CC BY

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