Musicological Annual

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The Musicological Annual is the first international, scientific, musicological journal in Slovenia that has been published continuously since 1965. From the very beginning it has been issued by the Department of Musicology at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. The journal is primarily focused on publishing the most recent papers in the fields of historical and systematic musicology in the local and international environments. Special attention is devoted to researching Slovenian musical heritage, i.e. music that is in one way or another linked to the Slovenian cultural environment. By connecting Slovenian and foreign researchers, it presents scientific results to professional circles abroad. In this respect the Musicological Annual has a unique position among Slovenian specialised publications.

Publisher Ljubljana University Press
Country Slovenia
ISSN (Print) 0580-373X
ISSN (Online) 2350-4242
Year started 1965
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Licence Open Access