«Acts of wisdom and trust»: Sheets, Tapes and Machines in Egisto Macchi's Film Music Composition
Musica/Tecnologia (2014) Vol. 8-9, pp. 135-155,206-207,210

Egisto Macchi (1928-92) was a key figure in the renewal of late 20th century Italian musical life, as he contributed significantly to the creation of institutions such as Nuova Consonanza. During the 1960s his significant involvement in film production led ...

Gino Marinuzzi Jr: Electronics and Early Multimedia Mentality in Italy
Musica/Tecnologia (2014) Vol. 8-9, pp. 95-133,206,209-210

In this essay I reassess the complexity of the convergence between electronic music and media practices in Rome in the 1950s and 1960s, through the reconstruction of the experience of composer Gino Marinuzzi Jr (1920-96). His engagement with technology as ...

Giuseppe Antonino Biondo e la fondazione dell'International Recording
Musica/Tecnologia (2014) Vol. 8-9, pp. 19-38,205,209-210

Giuseppe Antonino Biondo (1899-1988), a US citizen of Italian origins, was one of the most important entrepreneurs in the fields of discography and film sound post-production in Italy. A leading figure at American RCA, G.A. Biondo moved to Rome during ...

Arbitrary Phase Vocoders by means of Warping
Musica/Tecnologia (2013) , pp. 91-118

The Phase Vocoder plays a central role in sound analysis and synthesis, allowing us to represent a sound signal in both time and frequency, similar to a music score – but possibly at much finer time and frequency scales – ...

From Sound Morphing to the Synthesis of Starlight. Musical experiences with the Phase Vocoder over 25 years
Musica/Tecnologia (2013) , pp. 65-69

The article reports the author’s experiences with the phase vocoder. Starting from the first attempts during the years 1973-77 – in connection with a speculative project to morph the sounds of a speaking voice into sounds from the natural world, ...


Only after the advent of electricity and its applications an instrumental relationship between music and technology has become completely present to those who work in music. Yet music has always had a technological dimension. Music / Technology attempts to explore this dimension, in the knowledge that the relationship between the music world and the technological world is often not linear, but rather characterized by historical and environmental distances.

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