Music Week

Albums - 23.12.06: Gloria Estefan
Music Week (2006) , pp. 31


Albums - 23.12.06: Neil Diamond
Music Week (2006) , pp. 31


Albums - 23.12.06: Scissor Sisters
Music Week (2006) , pp. 30



Music Week is a trade paper for the UK record industry. Founded in 1959 as Record Retailer, it relaunched on 18 March 1972 as Music Week. On 17 January 1981, the title again changed, owing to the increasing importance of sell-through videos, to Music & Video Week. The rival Record Business, founded in 1978 by Brian Mulligan and Norman Garrod, was absorbed into Music Week in February 1983. Later that year, the offshoot Video Week launched and the title of the parent publication reverted to Music Week.

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