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Our point of departure is the idea that science—or, more accurately, the sciences—can help us to make sense of music and its significance in our lives. Music exists in complex and diverse forms across historical time and within and across different societies; music is indisputably a cultural phenomenon but our musicality is grounded in our biology; we need to draw on the sciences to address music's biological materiality, but we must also be attuned to the distinctive functional and discursive properties that are embodied in different cultures' musics. Hence the need for this journal, which is intended to provide a peer-reviewed platform for researchers to communicate important new insights in music research from the full spectrum of relevant scientific and scholarly perspectives to the widest possible audience. We aim to publish research across the field of music and science as broadly conceived, encompassing studies in cognition, neuroscience and psychoacoustics; development and education; philosophy and aesthetics; ethnomusicology and music sociology; archaeology and ethology; music theory, analysis and historical studies; performance science and practice-based research; computational approaches and studies in digital culture; acoustics, sound studies, and soundscape studies; music therapy; and clinical implications and approaches, including psychoneuroimmunology, health and well-being. Our goal is to be truly interdisciplinary: to give researchers from the many different scientific traditions that have been applied to music the opportunity to communicate with—and to learn from—each other, while encouraging dialogue with music scholars whose work is situated in artistic, performative or humanistic domains. In short, we aim to publish research from any discipline or perspective that can illuminate—or that can be illuminated by—scientific approaches to understanding music.

Publisher The Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research
ISSN (Online) 2059-2043
Year started 2017
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