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A Question of Wood: Michel Collichon's 1683 Seven-String Viol

Michel Collison, seventeenth-century viol maker, spent his working life in Paris at a time when technological advance was enabling fundamental changes in musical instrument design and construction. The invention of the silver-wound string in mid-century made possible the development of ...

Michel Collichon and the Origins of the Pardessus de Viole

The recent discovery of a pardessus de viole built by the great Parisian luthier Michel Collichon in 1686 pushes the invention of the pardessus back from the early eighteenth century, when it was previously thought to have occurred, to the ...

The Origin of the Kokyu

The kokyu is the only traditional Japanese bowed string instrument. New interpretations of materials from the period when the kokyu came into use, including chronologically ordered documents about bowed string instruments in sixteenth-century Europe, Christian missionary documents, Japanese documents, and ...


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