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Evaluating Graduate Education and Transcending Biases in Music Teachers' Professional Development

Research concerning professional development and its contribution to the formation of professional identity is prevalent in both general and music education. However, its implications for music educators in the context of graduate programs for music education are seldom discussed. This ...

Enabling Tailored Music Programs in Elementary Schools: An Australian Exemplar

Participation in meaningful school music programs is the right of all children. Although music education is widely supported by policy, significant gaps exist in practice in most developed Western countries. These gaps mean the extrinsic and intrinsic benefits associated with ...

“Conducting is Everywhere!” A Case Study of the Development of Preservice Music Teacher Occupational Identity in a Beginning Conducting Course

Research on pre-service music teacher occupational identity often highlights two competing identities: performer and teacher (L’Roy, 1983; Roberts, 1991; Pellegrino, 2009). Of the many factors that contribute to the occupational identity of the pre-service music teacher (Woodford, 2002), conducting has ...

Music Cultural Pedagogy in the ‘Network Society’

The present contribution to theory construction in music educational research focuses on the contemporary requirements for general music education. One starting point are the normative claims of a democratic liberal education as to find in the field of critical pedagogy ...

Transformative Performing Arts and Mentorship Pedagogy: Nurturing Developmental Relationships in a Multidisciplinary Dance Theatre Program for Youth

A multidisciplinary dance and theatre arts program geared for high school-aged youth can result in both short-term and the long-term outcomes for its students if it seeks to offer a life-changing peak experience as part of the arts training and ...

Measuring Musical Self-Regulation: Linking Processes, Skills, and Beliefs
Journal of Education and Training Studies (2013) Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 106-117

This research explores self-regulated learning behaviors as used by 174 students in higher music education during learning and practice, with the aim of demonstrating the interaction between processes, skills, and beliefs. A three-factor structure was identified within a newly adapted, ...


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