International Journal of the Study of Music and Musical Performance

A “Free Artist of Color” in Late-Eighteenth-Century Saint-Domingue: the Life and Times of Minette

This article sets forth, for the first time in detail, the life and career of Minette, who was the main female opera singer in Port-au-Prince at the end of the eighteenth century. The city was the capital of the thriving ...

The Other Side of My Heart: Latina Immigrant’s Oral History in Music

The author recorded six women from her local community in North Carolina. They shared and reflected about their dreams and fears while also evaluating the things they gained and lost in moving to the US. This work became a song ...

Kinky Friedman and His Influence on Jewish American Music

Kinky Friedman changed American pop music and Country and Western music’s presentation of Jews. Because of his satirical and counter culture lyrics, the idea that Jews could be Jewish on stage without having to point out they were Jewish was ...

Comparative Study of Tempo Deviations in Four 54 Recordings of Hans Werner Henze’s Du schönes Bächlein for Guitar Solo (1958)

The objective of this paper is to offer a contribution to the study of performance and, more specifically, development of performance analysis methodologies and techniques through a brief comparative analysis of the tempo deviations in four interpretations of Du schönes ...

Cross-Cultural Performance of Iranian ContemporaryMusic: Hommage à Abolhasan Saba and Masnavi

A unique feature of many contemporary Iranian artistic and musical expressions is their firm grounding in indigenous cultural traditions. Composers often reveal a strong involvement with Iran’s diverse traditions, in relation to a clear awareness of the country’s cultural role ...


The International Journal of the Study of Music and Music Performance advances both a general and professional interest in music and its performance with essays that cover a range of approaches: from discussions of little-known composers and musicians drawing upon primary and secondary sources to more specialized studies of composers, works, instruments, performers, audiences, and institutions. A review section will cover new books, scores, and recordings. Whenever possible, international contributions will be presented in the original language as well as in English.

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