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Trimodular Block Strategies in Haydn’s Sonata Movements

This study combines concepts from Hepokoski and Darcy, and Caplin, to examine Haydn’s approaches to the trimodular block (TMB). The first part of the article proposes three categories of TMBs based on which modules of a given TMB lie within ...

Teaching Topics with Haydn (alongside that Other Guy)

A generation after Leonard Ratner introduced the concept of topics to eighteenth-century music scholarship, J. Peter Burkholder’s 2006 revision of Grout/Palisca’s A History of Western Music made teaching topicality more widely accessible in undergraduate music history. Welcome as this excursion ...

Haydn as a London “Star:” Thoughts on Using Material Culture to Teach Eighteenth-Century Music at a Liberal Arts College

Interdisciplinary research and teaching is usually touted as at the center of a successful liberal arts college. As musicologists, we already utilize tools of the ethnographic “material culture studies” (thing-theory, materiality) when we study primary sources (especially musical scores), but ...

Eighteenth-Century Music in a Twenty-First Century Conservatory of Music or Using Haydn to Make the Familiar Exciting

Teaching eighteenth-century music effectively, particularly at a conservatory where the students are quite familiar with the music of Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven, can prove challenging when you introduce less familiar material—the early works of Haydn and Mozart, for ...

Generating STEAM: Haydn and the Arts in General Education at a “Career-Oriented” Institute of Technology

Teaching music within a general education scaffolding at a self-identified “career-oriented university” focused on the STEM disciplines (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics), with no music degree program, offers many challenges. Over my eighteen years at such a place, where I teach in the traditional ...

Beautiful Haydn

Several late eighteenth-century aesthetic ideas, notably the sublime and conceptions of humor, have been extensively discussed with respect to Haydn, but beauty has garnered only passing mention. Yet the beautiful was a key aesthetic category in Haydn’s day, theorized by ...

A Portait of Nicolaus Esterházy, the “Good Prince” (1714-1790): Commemorating His 300th Birthday

Prince Nicolaus Esterházy “The Magnificent” is well-known as the creator of the “fairy-world” of Eszterháza, and as a musically competent and theatre-loving aristocrat who ensured nearly ideal circumstances for Haydn’s creative work during a period of almost three decades. Other ...

Remembering Christopher Hogwood (1941-2014)

HSNA President Michael E. Ruhling remembers Advisory Board member and renown conductor/scholar Christopher Hogwood, who passed away in September.


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