My Music: Miles Jupp
Gramophone (2016) Vol. 94, pp. 138


Obituary: André Isoir
Gramophone (2016) Vol. 94, pp. 133


Obituary: Maralin Niska
Gramophone (2016) Vol. 94, pp. 133


Obituary: Marni Nixon
Gramophone (2016) Vol. 94, pp. 133


Online Opera Review
Gramophone (2016) Vol. 94, pp. 119



Gramophone is a magazine published monthly in London devoted to classical music, particularly to reviews of recordings. It was founded in 1923 by the Scottish author Compton Mackenzie. It was acquired by Haymarket in 1999. In 2013 the Mark Allen Group became the publisher. The magazine presents the Gramophone Awards each year to the classical recordings which it considers the finest in a variety of categories. In the title bar of its website Gramophone claims to be: "The world's authority on classical music since 1923". This used to appear on the front cover of every issue; recent editions have changed the wording to "The world's best classical music reviews". Its circulation, including digital subscribers, was 24,380 in 2014.

Publisher Mark Allen Publishing Ltd.
Country United Kingdom
ISSN (Print) 0017-310X
Year started 1923
Indexed 33865 articles
Licence Paid Access

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