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Fuzzy Edges: Notes on Musical Interaction in the Music of Elliott Carter

Much of Elliott Carter’s music of the past half-century has depended on combinations of different musical characters, defined by expressive qualities, playing modes, pitch language, rhythm and tempo. These different characters are often situated in rhythmic grids, many of which ...

Mistaken Identities in Carter’s Variations for Orchestra

Composed after the ground-breaking First String Quartet, Elliott Carter’s Variations for Orchestra extends many of the innovations that elevated that work, and Carter himself, to the status of official representatives of the postwar avant-garde. However, the Variations still include many ...


Elliott Carter Studies Online is an online journal devoted to the music, life, and times of the American composer Elliott Carter (1908-2012). We welcome submissions on a wide range of topics; there are no restrictions on disciplinary perspective or format. We publish history, theory, performance practice, personal essays, aesthetics, biography, criticism, analysis, and media.

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