Early Keyboard Journal

Daniel Gottlob Türk's Leichte Klaviersonaten: Their Pedagogical Value in the Formation of the Late Eighteenth-Century Keyboardist
Early Keyboard Journal (2012) Vol. 27-29, pp. 199-217,240

In 1783 the North German composer, theorist, and pedagogue Daniel Gottlob Türk (1750-1813) published two sets of Leichte Klaviersonaten. Reading through Türk's preface to the first set and the many comments that he made of these twelve works in his ...

Two Hammerflügel of 1783 and 1794 by Johann David Schiedmayer
Early Keyboard Journal (2012) Vol. 27-29, pp. 130-197,238-239

Johann David Schiedmayer (1753-1805) was a journeyman for Johann Andreas Stein in Augsburg until 1781. Schiedmayer then worked as a keyboard instrument maker in Erlangen and, from 1797, in Nuremberg. Five of his Hammerflügel survive. This article compares two of ...

Christian and John Veltenair, Musical Instrument Makers
Early Keyboard Journal (2012) Vol. 27-29, pp. 107-129,237

Christian and John Veltenair were itinerant musical instrument makers in North America, with recorded activities from 1802 to 1840. Christian concentrated primarily on the construction of instruments, but was also an inventor and an artist, while John specialized in music ...

Insights into Early Seventeenth-Century Italian Ornamentation and Musica Ficta, Particularly Frescobaldi's Fiori musicali, from the Torino Tablatures
Early Keyboard Journal (2012) Vol. 27-29, pp. 76-105,238

Girolamo Frescobaldi's Fiori musicali (1635) is one of the most important collections of Italian keyboard music of the early Baroque. Soon after its publication, an unknown copyist transcribed most of its contents into German keyboard tablature, which forced him to ...

On the Production of Pianos in Florence 1700-1750
Early Keyboard Journal (2012) Vol. 27-29, pp. 47-75,239-240

Physical evidence offered by Florentine pianos in the first half of the eighteenth century suggests that the production of these instruments was greater than has been supposed; comparison of them with pianos from later periods suggests that the Florentine piano ...


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