Current Research in Jazz

Black Experience in the Fine Arts: An African American Community Arts Movement in a University Setting
Current Research in Jazz (2014) Vol. 6

This article discusses the introduction of elements of black community arts into a classroom setting at the University of California, Riverside in 1972. Led by Horace Tapscott and including members of the Union of God’s Musicians and Artists Ascension (UGMAA) ...

Stan Getz’s East End Roots
Current Research in Jazz (2014) Vol. 6

Published biographies of Stan Getz have presented inaccurate accounts of his family history and his ancestors’ immigration from Russia to England to America, apparently relying on recollections and anecdotes. This article gives a revised version that is based on research ...

Dennis Sandole’s Unique Jazz Pedagogy
Current Research in Jazz (2013) Vol. 5

Philadelphia-based teacher, theorist, performer, and composer Dennis Sandole is perhaps best known for having been John Coltrane’s theory and improvisation teacher and mentor. A guitar virtuoso, Sandole also developed a conceptually advanced and technically demanding teaching literature that was strongly ...

Artie Shaw in New Zealand
Current Research in Jazz (2013) Vol. 5

This article aims to illuminate a small portion of Artie Shaw’s 1943 tour, chronicling the month he spent entertaining military personnel and civilians in New Zealand, and revealing aspects of the impact that the Shaw band had on the local ...

Down Beat Under Dan Morgenstern — A Bibliography
Current Research in Jazz (2012) Vol. 4

An article-by-article listing of the full contents of the issues that Morgenstern edited between July 1967 and July 1973.

Reflecting on Jazz Archives: Past, Present, and Future
Current Research in Jazz (2012) Vol. 4

What does the future hold for jazz archives and the researchers who make use of them? While archives must continue to provide the resources and services of the past, before long they will be asked to accommodate new approaches, and ...

“Special — From First to Last”: Dan Morgenstern’s Relationship with Louis Armstrong
Current Research in Jazz (2012) Vol. 4

Over the course of two decades, Dan Morgenstern developed a close relationship with Louis Armstrong, resulting in some of Morgenstern’s most inspired and passionate writing. This article examines what Morgenstern witnessed while in Armstrong’s presence.

Treemonisha, or Der Freischütz Upside Down
Current Research in Jazz (2012) Vol. 4

Scott Joplin’s Treemonisha is in many ways an unusual opera, for its composer came from a small town, far removed from the opera world. Yet it is full of quotations and references to other operas. This article, almost entirely based ...

Bix Beiderbecke in New Orleans
Current Research in Jazz (2012) Vol. 4

This article considers the process by which the cornetist, pianist, and composer Leon “Bix” Beiderbecke became an iconic presence in the New Orleans jazz imagination. It examines the influence of New Orleans jazz musicians on Beiderbecke and his reciprocal influence ...

“Three Angels”: Albert Mangelsdorff’s and Other Jazz Musicians’ Reworking of the German Folk Music Tradition
Current Research in Jazz (2012) Vol. 4

Although nationalist views of music have sometimes been called into question, our cultural background shapes us to the core, in our language, our behavior, our expectations, our thinking, feeling, and being. This article examines German discourses about the use of ...


Current Research in Jazz is an online open access journal designed to publish peer-reviewed articles of original jazz research. In addition to shorter articles of a scholarly nature, it publishes bibliographies, indices, chronologies, and other research aids to serve and support jazz scholarship. Filling a well-defined gap in the literature of jazz, Current Research in Jazz provides an outlet for detailed writing about jazz that is informed by musical and historical knowledge, that is rooted in scholarly rigor, and that is not compromised by commercial interests. It is hoped that these articles will be cited and used as evidence in other works. Like good discographies, they will provide a solid foundation upon which future research can be built.

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