Más allá del folclore. La producción social del espacio a través de la cueca urbana en Santiago de Chile (2000-2010)
ArtCultura (2017) Vol. 19, No. 34

This text resorts to the concepts of locality and neighborhood to explain how the Santiago’s cueca urbana music scene creates spatial events that go beyond the urban-rural dichotomy. It aims at demonstrating how this dance territorializes urban identity, thus creating ...

Negociaciones identitarias en la industria de la música popular: la evolución del repertorio de un cantante del folklore argentino
ArtCultura (2017) Vol. 19, No. 34

The incorporation of the piece named “Amor salvaje”, in the middle 1990, meant somewhat of a breakdown within the up to that moment prevailing structure of the repertoire of Chaqueño Palavecino and went along with the moment of his recognition ...

A folclorização do samba carioca: memória, história e identidade
ArtCultura (2017) Vol. 19, No. 34

In younger nations, like the American ones, parallel to the popular-rural repertoire defined as national folklore, the urban popular music disseminated by mass media began to dispute space among the nationalityforming elements. To legitimate it as a representation of the ...

“Ô de casa!”: gramofones na roça e caipiras na fonografia (1929)
ArtCultura (2017) Vol. 19, No. 34

The article analyzes the “Ô de casa” phonogram, recorded in São Paulo in the late 1920s. Taking into account the construction and manufacture of this work and its relation to the context, the situation recreated in the recording allows us ...

“Música folk” nos Estados Unidos: demarcações e definições de um gênero
ArtCultura (2017) Vol. 19, No. 34

This article aims to analyze the way people associated with collecting, consuming and diffusing the U.S. folk music developed their own conceptions of what folk would become in the country, based on their world views and their experiences in specific ...

La música popular argentina entre el campo y la ciudad: música campera, criolla, nativa, folklórica, canción federal y tango
ArtCultura (2017) Vol. 19, No. 34

In the early twentieth century tango functioned as an important cultural artifact in defense of the integration of the newly arrived European immigrants into the nation. Until it achieved its hegemony in the late 1930s, tango shared popularity with the ...

Usos e apropriações da “música folclórica”
ArtCultura (2017) Vol. 19, No. 34

A temática deste dossiê, Música folclórica: entre o campo e a cidade, foi inspirada em uma das mesas do III Colóquio História e Música – Tem- pos de música e seus fazeres, realizado na Universidade Estadual Júlio de Mesquita filho ...


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