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Journal of the Lyrica Society for Word-Music Relations

Burgeoning Modernisms and Multisonant Gestures: Cosmopolitan Identities in Turn-of-the-Century Scandinavia
Ars Lyrica (2015) Vol. 22, pp. 179-227

The era leading to Norway's political emancipation in 1905 gave rise to competing nationalistic and universal impulses. Ironically, composers such as Grieg and Delius faced these challenges with the broader aim of projecting an intrenational identity. Convergrence in literature and ...

The Romance in Nineteenth-Century Danish Opera
Ars Lyrica (2015) Vol. 22, pp. 131-156

In a reflection of the political turmoil of the first half of the nineteenth century, opera composers in Demnark consciouskly and purposely worked toi develop a national dramaturgy that was anti-German. Inspired by new collections of Danish folk music published ...

Swedish Opera in Translation: Gustaf Adolf and Ebba Brahe
Ars Lyrica (2015) Vol. 22, pp. 95-130

Swedish-language opera flourished at the end of the eighteenth century when King Gustav III (r. 1771-1792) made a conscious effort to elevate the status of his country's language by harnessing the combined power of drama, scene, and music, using both ...

"I Am a Jew in my soul and heart": Moses Pergament and the Dilemma of Cultural Identities
Ars Lyrica (2015) Vol. 22, pp. 83-94

This article deals with the Swedish-Jewish composer and music critic Moses Pergament (1893-1977). I will touch upon Pergament's Jewish and Swedish identification and the reception of these identifications among the Swedish musical elites during the interwar period. As composer, Pergament ...

Suomi and the National Opera: The Language of the Finnish Opera Boom
Ars Lyrica (2015) Vol. 22, pp. 41-82

Just as the music of Jean Sibelius helped to establish Finnish cluture under Russian rule, opera became one of the symbols of contemporary national identity that Finland presented to the world during the Cold War. Founded in 1911 during the ...

Mute the Bereaved Memories Speak: "Vulgar! Rough! Tasteless! - A Major Musical event! Brilliant critique of civilization!"
Ars Lyrica (2015) Vol. 22, pp. 21-39

Initially conceived a shorter work for radio - a chamber-musical "Höhrspiel," combining music and poetry - composer Sven-David Sandström and poet Tobias Berggren's collaboration resulted in a 100-minute "Requiem" for mixed choir, children's choir, four soloists, recitation on tape, and ...

An Overview of Lithuania's History in Song: Legend, Narration and Nationalism
Ars Lyrica (2015) Vol. 22, pp. 1-19

The struggles and victories of the Baltic States shine as examples of victory over tyranny. Little Lithuania has managed, through the strength of her culture and independence of her language, to survive centuries of invasion and attempts at cultural and ...


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