Archiv für Musikwissenschaft


The Archiv für Musikwissenschaft ("Musicology Archive") reflects the state of research in music history and current methodology in the discipline of musicology. Founded in 1918, the journal interrupted publication in 1927, but has appeared continuously since 1952. It is one of the leading professional journals in the German-speaking countries, but enjoys global recognition and standing. At the same time, the refereed journal provides young musicologists a platform for the publication of their research findings. In spite of its historical emphasis, the journal is open to all areas of research in music, whether it be transdisciplinary, intercultural, ethnographic or analytical. In its broad spectrum of musical subjects and approaches, the Archiv für Musikwissenschaft serves the goal of promoting contemporary theoretical insights in music.

Publisher Franz Steiner Verlag
ISSN (Print) 0003-9292
Year started 1918
Indexed 1923 articles

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