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Remembering Alicia de Larrocha: Thoughts On Her Artistry, Teaching And Musical Legacy
American Music Teacher (2015) , pp. 22-27

Alberto Ràfols had the honor of knowing Spanish pianist Alicia de Larrocha both professionally and personally for nearly 40 years. This article aims to elevate the level of understanding of this artist’s remarkable legacy both as a performer and teacher.

Memorizing, The Webs We Weave
American Music Teacher (2015) , pp. 17-21

Our internal memory is associational, not linear. The more associative hooks a new piece of information has, the more securely it gets embedded into the network of things we already know, and the more likely it is to remain in ...

Online Piano Lessons: A Teacher’s Journey Into An Emerging 21st-Century Virtual Teaching Environment
American Music Teacher (2015) , pp. 12-16

This article explores an experienced educator’s three-year journey of synchronous online piano teaching. In this article, the author discusses musical and educational implications, the student-teacher relationship and the logistics of distance piano lessons.

Menahem Pressler
American Music Teacher (2012) Vol. 61, No. 3, pp. 24-27



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