African Music

Journal of the African Music Society

African Music (2013) Vol. 9, No. 3, pp. 122-150



African Music is the journal of the International Library of African Music. Founded in 1954 by Hugh Tracey, ILAM is the greatest repository of African music in the world. A research institution devoted to the study of music and oral arts in Africa, it preserves thousands of historical recordings going back to 1929 and supports contemporary fieldwork. ILAM aims to discover, record, analyze, and archive the music of sub-Saharan Africa, with the object of establishing a theory of music making in Africa and assessing the social, cultural, and artistic values of African music. ILAM is attached to the Music Department at Rhodes University.

Publisher International Library of African Music
Country South Africa
ISSN (Print) 0065-4019
Year started 1954
Indexed 122 articles
Licence Paid Access

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