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No Simple Answers: A Holistic Approach to Issues Concerning Obesity and African Dance
Accelerando (2017) , No. 2

Obesity is a growing health issue in South Africa that carries health risk detrimental to those living in Black townships. The author will argue that the use of South African traditional urban dances may be permissible option for replacing aerobics ...

The Sound in Movement Interpretation of the Selected Music Pieces by Debussy, Cage, Penderecki, Szalonek, Dobrowolski, Olczak, Kaiser
Accelerando (2017) , No. 2

This article contains a description of an author's artistic research/project consisting in the development of movement interpretations of compositions by C. Debussy, J. Cage, K. Penderecki, W. Szalonek, A. Dobrowolski, K. Olczak, and T. Kaiser, in which the musical tone ...

Русские мастера балета на белградской сцене в XX – начале XXI вв. (Russian Ballet Dancers and Choreographers at the Belgrade Stage in the 20th and Early 21st Centuries)
Accelerando (2017) , No. 2

The main goal of the article is to outline significant contribution to the history of Belgrade ballet of those Russian dancers who came to the Kingdom of Serbia after leaving Russia in 1917, and to monitor the contribution of the ...

Poetry and Music of Medieval Azerbaijani Ashygs in the Context of Mystic Practices
Accelerando (2017) , No. 2

This article focuses on poetry and music of the medieval Azerbaijani ashyg in the context of mystic practices. The ashygs are the bearers of the syncretic art form that came into being at the end of the 15th – early ...

Music Preference and the Issues of Social Challenges Among Nigerian Youth: Implications for Moral Development
Accelerando (2017) , No. 2

Music is central to youth culture. Central to this study is the question: what type of music do youth listen to and why do they listen to such music? Identifying the music preference of the Nigerian youth is the focus ...

Reviews on Rzewski’s Leftist Political Piano Variations ​The People United Will Never Be Defeated
Accelerando (2017) , No. 2

The People United Will Never Be Defeated (1975) is an one-hour epic modern piano variations, is one with an exquisite structure as well as a humanistic content. As a political context, this could be a legendary piece as well, in ...

Современные стратегии в хореографическом образовани (Modern Strategy in Dance Education)
Accelerando (2017) , No. 2

The article refers to the need to create adequate scholarly approach according to educational plans and programs for the dance and choreographic pedagogy concerning perception of music. Perception of music is considered here as the crucial element which sets up ...

Pole Dancing Auto-ethnography: Practice, Pedagogy, Performance
Accelerando (2017) , No. 2

In this research paper, the author addresses the following four questions: 1) What are the implications of bringing pole dancing into concert dance, not as a caricature or theatrical version of what is performed in strip clubs, but as its ...

Music Teaching in Botswana Secondary Teacher Training Colleges: A Case of Molepolole College of Education
Accelerando (2017) , No. 2

The purpose of this study is to find out facts on music teaching in Botswana Secondary Teacher Training Colleges. The authors conducted a formal study with regard to the Diploma in Secondary Education with a component of Music Education Training ...

Rabatoko, et al.
The Self-Regulated Learning Model and Music Education
Accelerando (2017) , No. 2

Self-regulation and self-regulated learning (SRL) are important features in music education. In this research self-regulated learning model is presented as a complex, multidimensional structure. SRL starts with the self-regulation. Self-regulation is formed through interaction with the environment, thus self-learning, self-analysis, ...


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