The Sounds of Silent Films

New Perspectives on History, Theory and Practice

Claus Tieber
University of Salzburg
Anna Katharina Windisch
Austrian Academy of Sciences

The Sounds of Silent Films comprises up-to-date research on silent film sound, providing a particular focus on historical performance practices combined with detailed theoretical case studies. The contributions by eminent scholars in the fields of musicology, film studies and media studies, as well as by curators and archivists, explore crucial notions such as the historicity of interpretations of silent film music and the diverse acoustic manifestations of film exhibition. The volume stands among the first to integrate a large number of texts that cover a variety of cultural and historical sites and their particular regional and local historical performance practices in, for example, Swedish, Polish, British, Italian, Austrian and Indian silent cinema. The contextualizations of silent film sound production are confronted with their reception in the United States and form a unique comparative perspective for the welldocumented North American literature.

Year 2014
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
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Tieber, Claus; Windisch, Anna Katharina (2014) The Sounds of Silent Films: New Perspectives on History, Theory and Practice. Available at


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