Review of Maureen Carr, "Multiple Masks

Neoclassicism in Stravinsky's Works on Greek Subjects"

Igor Stravinsky composed four neo-classical dramatic works based on Greek subjects between 1926 and 1948. Maureen Carr explores the philosophical tenets behind his neo-classical aesthetic, especially the commonplace metaphor of the mask, and what this reveals about Stravinsky's compositional ethos. After establishing this framework, she examines both the compositional and collaborative processes involved in the creation of these four works, drawing on extensive sketch studies and primary sources.

Journal Music Theory Online
Year 2007
Volume 13
Pages np

Francis, Kimberly A. (2007) Review of Maureen Carr, "Multiple Masks: Neoclassicism in Stravinsky's Works on Greek Subjects". In: Music Theory Online, Vol. 13, pp. np. Available at


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