Sound Shizuku Composition

A Computer-Aided Composition System for Extended Music Techniques

We discuss in this paper a new environment for computer aid musical composition which is designed to create works centered on the creative use of instrumental extended techniques. The process is anchored on computational techniques to retrieve musical information via audio descriptors. We developed an analytical process, based on the extraction of spectral characteristics of a Sound DataBase (SDB), and on supporting the compositional planning as follows: relate statistical measures to the spectral behavior of specific execution modes of various instruments contained in the SDB. The result of the process is a palette of possibilities that assists the composer decisions regarding to the desired orchestration to be applied in a musical piece. The paper presents then the motivation and context to develop the environment, describes and characterizes the audio descriptors that have been studied, presents the computer system architecture and discusses the results obtained with Sound Shizuku

Journal MusMat
Year 2016
Volume 1
Issue 1
Pages 86-101

Manzolli, Jônatas; Simurra, Ivan Eiji (2016) Sound Shizuku Composition: a Computer-Aided Composition System for Extended Music Techniques. In: MusMat: Brazilian Journal of Music and Mathematics, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 86-101. Available at



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