Darja Koter

The paper is an updated and fully rounded biography of the violinist, composer, author and professor Matija Bravnicar based on archival sources held at the National and University Library in Ljubljana and the composer's reminiscences captured in his yet unpublished autobiography in possession of his son Dejan Bravnicar. Matija Bravnicar was born in Tolmin. He was baptized Matija Franc, but his family and friends called him Frane. He learned to play the violin in primary school, at the teacher training school in Gorizia, the music school of Gorizia's Glasbena matica musical society, and with private teachers, but he never undertook formal violin studies. Already as a young man he was interested in literature and art; he was learned, witty and freethinking. He spent the First World War on various battlefields, but was nevertheless able to play in chamber ensembles. From 1920 to 1945 he was a member of the orchestra of the Ljubljana Opera House. It was in Ljubljana that he first began composing. His early works were written under the influence of his mentor Marij Kogoj. The composer Lucijan Marija Skerjanc is also cited as a major influence. Bravnicar pursued informal education in Vienna and Prague, and graduated from the State Conservatoire in Ljubljana in 1933. In 1932 he married the ballerina Gizela Pavsic. Their only child, Dejan Bravnicar, is a distinguished violinist and professor at the Ljubljana Academy of Music. Matija Bravnicar's principal works include two operas and several symphonic pieces, lieder, chamber compositions and works for violin and piano. He was an author, editor and a president of the Society of Slovene Composers active on the wider Yugoslav music scene. He received numerous prestigious awards and was a full member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Journal Glasbeno-pedagoski zbornik Akademije za glasbo v Ljubljani
Year 2008
Volume 9
Pages np

Koter, Darja (2008) MATIJA (FRANE) BRAVNICAR - PRISPEVEK K BIOGRAFIJI. In: Glasbeno-pedagoski zbornik Akademije za glasbo v Ljubljani, Vol. 9, pp. np. Available at


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