Specificity of the Development of Musical Memory at Improvisation Lessons

The author interprets the acquisition of the basics of musical improvisation as the formation of skills of applying improvisation techniques in the context of main specific and non-specific factors of improvisation. The research on the basics of musical improvisation was conducted within the context of the history and theory of music. These aspects were investigated in their mobility and changeability and not as some unchanging phenomena with unequivocal content. At describing the content of a problem situation in the sphere of the acquisition of improvisation, a vital necessity arose to explore other scholars' alternative or similar opinions concerning these issues as reflected in the scientific literature. For this purpose, the analysis of Latvian and foreign literature dealing with different approaches to interpreting the content of the problems in acquiring the basics of improvisation was made. Among various approaches to understanding the content of the problem reflected in scientific literature, provisionally three trends can be identified. The first trend is concerned with the research on kinds of the development of personality's creativity during the classes of music performance, composition and improvisation, and also with the research on the conditions necessary for the manifestation of creativity and on the specific features of the correlation between the peculiarities of a creative personality and scope of his/her musical experience. The second trend deals with the research on methods for optimizing creative processes. The third trend is concerned with the research on the possibilities of modelling and the structural analysis of a creative process. Researches within the limits of these three tendencies do not consider specificity of the development of musical memory at improvisation lessons at scientific level.

Journal Problems in Music Pedagogy
Year 2015
Volume 14
Issue 1-2
Pages 81-89

Spigins, Jurijs (2015) Specificity of the Development of Musical Memory at Improvisation Lessons. In: Problems in Music Pedagogy, Vol. 14, No. 1-2, pp. 81-89. Available at https://openmusiclibrary.org/article/64358/.


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