Real-Time Timbral Organisation

Selecting Samples Based upon Similarity

A comparison is made between two systems of real-time sample selection using timbral proximity that has relevance for live performance. Sound files in large sample libraries are analysed for audio features (amplitude RMS, spectral centroid, spectral flatness, and spectral energy using a Bark auditory modeller), and this data is statistically analysed and stored. Two methods of organization are described: the first uses fuzzy logic to rate sample similarity, the second uses a self-organising map. The benefits and detriments of each method are described.

Journal Organised Sound
Year 2010
Volume 15
Issue 2
Pages 159-166

Eigenfeldt, Arne; Pasquier, Philippe (2010) Real-Time Timbral Organisation: Selecting Samples Based upon Similarity. In: Organised Sound, Vol. 15, No. 2, pp. 159-166. Available at


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