The Relation of Culture and Musical Play

Alison Soccio

Children express the cultures they bring into the classrooms through musical play. When children are left to their own devices they dance, create songs, and play instruments. Campbell emphasizes how children are immersed in musical activity throughout the entirety of their day; they use music for self-expression, to interact with others, and to entertain themselves. This literature review explores the relationship that exists between culture and musical play within the child, the family, and the school. These varying cultures have an impact on a child's music education; a bridge must exist between each and this is often accomplished through play, a time during which children are left to freely explore their world on their own. As music educators, we must take the time to listen to and observe this musical play in our classrooms if we wish to encourage children to bring what they have learned from their family culture to their school culture.

Journal Update
Year 2013
Volume 32
Issue 1
Pages 52-58

Soccio, Alison (2013) The Relation of Culture and Musical Play. In: Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 52-58. Available at


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