Los Salones musicales madrileños

Nuevos espacios sociales para el cultivo de la música de concierto en la segunda mitad del XIX

Nineteenth-century Spanish musical life is clearly dominated by lyrical music. In this paper we will analyze the emergence of small musical centres in Madrid in the second half of the nineteenth century that introduced chamber and other instrumental music and gradually developed this into a Spanish tradition of instrumental concerts. We will analyze the importance of the two Salones of the Real Conservatorio de María Cristina (1832): these appeared in 1852 when the Conservatory relocated to the Isabel II Square. The large Salón was dedicated to symphonic music; the smaller one, housing correspondingly smaller groups, provided the headquarters of the Sociedad de Cuartetos (1863), from its foundation in 1863. After a fire in the large hall in 1867 the Escuela Nacional de Música reopened the hall in 1868. This then provided the venue for major musical activities during the periods of the centres' direction by E. Arrieta, J. de Monasterio, Jimeno de Lerma, T. Bretón, E. Fernández Arbós, Cecilio de Roda and Fernández Bordas. These halls witnessed the first concerts of the Sociedad Artístico-Musical de Socorros Mutuos (1862), the Sociedad de Conciertos (1862), the Sociedad de Cuartetos (1863), the historic concerts by the SAMSM (1868), as well as concerts given by Conservatory students. In organizing recitals, from the 1870s, Spain's first teaching institution found major competitors, the opening of halls being linked to the most important stores and music publishing. These included the ephemeral Salón Eslava (1871), Salón Zozaya (1883) and Salón Romero (1884), featuring for the first time in Madrid young performers like Isaac Albéniz, Pablo Casals or Enrique Granados. Since its opening the Salón Romero also housed the Sociedad de Cuartetos and the Sociedad de Música Clásica di camera (1889-1890).

Journal Ad Parnassum
Year 2015
Volume 13
Pages np

Sobrino, Ramón; Cortizo, María Encina (2015) Los Salones musicales madrileños: nuevos espacios sociales para el cultivo de la música de concierto en la segunda mitad del XIX. In: Ad Parnassum: A Journal of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Instrumental Music, Vol. 13, pp. np. Available at https://openmusiclibrary.org/article/556886/.


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