Public Policy and Music Education in Norway and Finland

D. G. Hebert
Marja Heimone

This article applies the Toulmin argument model of rhetorical analysis--which features identification and dissection of the components of prominent enthymemes--to scrutinize concepts within both educational policy documents and relevant music education literature from Norway and Finland across the past decade. Our analysis examines how understandings of "music education" are formulated through the cosmopolitan rhetoric of public policy, enabling rigorous assessment of relationships between the prospective limitations of these formulations and the actual concerns of music teachers evident in professional periodicals since the start of the twenty-first century.

Journal Arts Education Policy Review
Year 2013
Volume 114
Issue 3
Pages 135-148

Hebert, D. G.; Heimone, Marja (2013) Public Policy and Music Education in Norway and Finland. In: Arts Education Policy Review, Vol. 114, No. 3, pp. 135-148. Available at


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